2 platforms to meet specific needs

Professional mobility is broadly defined as a change of the job’s conditions activity. This change can be:
• an internal mobility within his/her company or his/her group,
• or an external mobility, which means outside his/her company as an employee or with an entrepreneurial project

AkeeN offers two platforms to meet different needs for each type of mobility

Internal mobility platform

For the employee : make a professional and personal assessment to find his/her next position internally by following a 2 hours digital journey in 7 steps

For the company : Preserving your human capital, attracting talents, putting the employee in charge of his/her career

External mobility platform

Enable companies complying with restructuring plans and associations, as Alumni, to support the largest number of people on their next professional move.

Plateform SaaS

Benefit from all updates and an optimized platform.


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Accessibility 24h a day

Access the platform from anywhere in the world.

Akeen in video

Discover our video explaining our internal mobility platform

This journey is made for you if you wish...

As a company...

      Developing a corporate culture


      Reduce administrative costs


     Encourage employee engagement

As an individual...

     Become an actor again in your career


     Strengthen your network by opening up opportunities


    Making a success of your professional project

Our offers

Popular Choice


Internal professional mobility
(within the subsidiary or the group)


A 3-hour journey, access to our training courses, a glossary for…
  • Fostering employee engagement
  • Attract, develop and retain talent
  • Contribute to the return on internal investment
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Develop your employer brand (QWL)

Popular Choice


External professional mobility
(as an employee or with an entrepreunarial project)


A 3-hour journey, access to our training courses, a glossary and contacts to…
  • Become aware of your skills and financial needs
  • Get to know each other better personally
  • Strengthen your network
  • Succeeding in your professional project
  • Optimize your time

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